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Adidas Customer Experience and Product Teardown

Adidas are on a mission to personalise and connect people to a community to create tighter relationships. They believe that ‘Through sport we have the power to change lives’.

In 2015 Adidas issued a 5 year strategy called ‘Creating the New’  where they described themselves as a digital company and not an apparel brand. The now deliver an omnichannel experience. These customers are worth 30% more over their lifetime than single channel consumer *

Getting personal

Their online digital experience starts with simple requests for information through to transactions and then progresses into a holistic customer experience to strengthen the relationship with their customers.

Adidas learn from the smallest of interactions and start to build on it to provide personalised content.  They do this subtly at first by simply saving a users past searches as ‘Your recent searches” which they play back to customers when the re-engage with the search. Additionally the ‘Best of Adidas ’ section will show customers products you have shown an interest in

Join the club

People are welcomed to join the ‘Creators Club’ which gives customers exclusive benefits, and rewards them for doing more with Adidas.

Customer engagement becomes both a journey and a game which customers can progress through to open up more benefits in the Adidas world called the Creators Club.


The Creators Club changes what for most sports brands would simply be an  infrequent transactional relationship with a ‘clothing/shoes’ company into a digitise lifestyle habit changing and supporting experience.

Transactions are not exclusively monetary, most are informational such as completing your profile, sharing content, leaving a review, going for a run or completing a workout.

Levelling up


As customers earn more and more points they are levelled up. Each time they login, transact or provide more information customers are given points as a reward.

There are a number of gamification mechanics in play here. From Fixed Action Rewards and Random / Mystery Rewards to Rolling Action Rewards and and Social Treasures. But the main driver and motivator is progression.

The dashboard / Account page focuses on your points and accruing new ones

Your dashboard then updates with your points and further deals

Customers get offers in the form of vouchers and the more points they acquire the better the offers

By earning points you can level up and become an 'Icon' which is the top-tier of the Creators' Club where you'll get the most exclusive rewards such as invites to priority events, priority access to limited edition products etc.

The brilliance of this experience is that it is delivered through a omnichannel CX eco-system which is consistent across all devices, seamless for the customer and enviable. Let's have a look at that eco-system.

The application landscape

Adidas also gather customers preferences, help them set and meet goals through a number of digital touch-points and complimentary apps.  

These app provide tools, content, promote offers, create social connections and increase personalisation as a result of all these engagements.


The main shopping and account management application which speaks to your online presence and all other applications.


The running application which provides you a fitness companion to monitor your activity while also awarding points for your activities


A workout creator where you set goals, join the community & get inspired by millions of fellow fitness fans worldwide.


GMR insole tag records what you do on the football pitch, and transferring this into the EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile game - Giving you access to exclusive content, improve your Team OVR and compete with others.

Adidas' customer experience principles


Adidas present themselves and be an inspirational and aspiration brand, creating desire for their products and services and pride in the association.


Make the customer experience seamless, consistent and interactive while also creating a lasting connection.


Bring what is relevant to customers, respecting their interests (you can’t talk to them all in the same way) and provide them interaction through their interests.

Understanding Adidas' customer experience ecosystem

Adidas are now effectively a digital delivery company that just so happens to sell apparel. Here is a simplified map of how they deliver this first-class premium customer experience.

Where the digital and real-world collide

In their flagship stores Adidas real-world customer experience has a distinct  digital feel. It's integrated into the experience. But while we believe they are doing great things there is still much more that could be done.  

The basics are, of course covered. Visitors can look up items in-store to find out more about the product and not have to rely on the shop assistants.


When you purchase a product they connect this into your online account (or start one) so you gain points and claim rewards all the while building up the connection with the brand.

There is also evidence to suggest much more is to come. Conceptual work out there is looking to integrated both AR and voice-assistants to help serve customers - so keep watching this space

Out in the field and pitches the GMS and FIFA Mobile integration excels at bringing the real-world into an actual computer game. I highly recommend you check it out here.

In conclusion

Adidas haven't just said they take CX and digital seriously they are proving it. This is no annual report sweetner to appease their shareholders.


They want to make the customer experience personal. They have a mission, they've created the culture and strategy to push it and make it part of Adidas' DNA.

Some tips

  1.  Make a connection and make it personal - Find out what your customers are connected to and make that your mission

  2. Capture information from all interactions

  3. Play back what you know in a beneficial way

  4. Create digital stories and journeys that customers can go on and progress through

  5. Reward loyalty (from as small as logging in, it's not just about spending cash) and repay that loyalty in something unique and tangible

  6. Make the connection special – create clubs, rewards and benefits

  7. Surprise and delight them. Be bold. Be brave.

We are sure there is more to unearth and say but as a starting point all signs point to Adidas being one of the leaders in this space and the rest will do well to catch up.

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